Jim Manning
"Great man, great Representative. Works hard and deserves to be re-elected."
Ms. Bertha Stewart

Rep. Howard's former school teacher at Sarah Nance

"Our representative Leon Howard always had the desire to serve the community.  Even when he was a little boy in my 4th  grade class , I watched him put the needs of the other children before his own. "

Bakari Sellars

CNN Political Analyst and Former SC House Member

" Some of my most valued memories while serving in the SC General Assembly are those when I sought the guidance of Rep. Leon Howard. His vast knowledge and ability to relate to all citizens regardless of age, race, gender and background is amazing."

Puff Howard

Brother and owner of Howard's Garage

"My brother Leon  and I have lived and worked in this community all of our lives. Through his service ,  Leon has become one of the highest ranking Democrats in the General Assembly. So-- this is not the time to elect someone new who lacks experience and doesn't know the needs of this community ."

Mrs. Catherine Hampton

Church Member

"I fell and broke several bones and stayed suffering in the ER for 12 hours. The people in the hospital came to me and my daughter saying they didn't have an available room for me. We called  Rep. Leon Howard for help and he delivered. Only someone who is influential and highly respected , like Rep. Howard , could have gotten this done and we are so grateful."